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Destrucula's unparalleled Assassin Network is of course well documented. While brilliantly targeted and executed assassinations continue to be the prime strategic operational tactic of the Empire of Destrucula, the focus has increasingly turned to espionage and intelligence gathering.

Backed by the fear instilled by the ruthless and relentless operations of the assassins, Destrucula's operators and agents have infiltrated most of the world's governments and corporations... and military and spy organizations.

A recent confidential meeting of the Security Council named Destrucula as the fastest growing threat to the stability of the world in general, and the subsequent urgent unpublished Resolution recommended coordinated action by the UN, NATO and member nations.

• • • • •

The Assassins are the best of the best. They are recruited not only from top security agencies but from major crime syndicates as well. Destrucula keeps them under tight control by using executions, blackmail and other ruthless means to keep them under tight reins.
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They are believed to number more than 1,000 master assassins, every one ranked as SAS standard by security agencies. It is known that they operate in every corner of the globe, with no safe havens, and analysts are mystified by the way they seem to effortlessly cross international borders and the seeming impossibility of ever capturing one alive.
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Empire of Destrucula

Destrucula is undoubtedly the world's most ruthless and evil criminal. Knowing no national boundaries, the tentacles of his exceedingly dangerous organization creep inside the highest echelons of the richest and most powerful nations and institutions on earth. At the same time, different wings of Destrucula's organization lurk menacingly in the world's most dangerous hotspots. Pulling strings. Calling shots. Shattering peace. Wrecking prosperity. Sabotaging history.

The sheer brilliance of his organization is formidable. Traditional sources of revenue such as bank robberies, extortion and racketeering have been eclipsed by ingenious international finance fraud plays of unprecedented size. Combine this with his infiltration and domination of other world crime organizations, gangs and investment banks and a deeply disturbing, indeed frightening, picture emerges. The scale is colossal — while some analysts say his turnover is in the hundreds of millions — other specialists believe it could approach ten billion dollars a year.

Infiltration has been the key to his diabolical success — infiltration of governments, of corporations, of armed forces, of terror cells, of criminal syndicates. He leverages the power within these organizations to great advantage. Then, given the unprecedented magnitude of his heinous crimes, they are invariably covered up to protect the "reputations" and influence of some of the most powerful and famous people and politicians on earth.

Yet only a handful of analysts will even admit to knowing of his existence. That it is the world's best kept worst secret is certain. Destrucula is violently ruthless with opponents and a merciless executioner of those who betray him. Secrets are protected under threat of death. The world is littered with unexplained murders, assassinations and executions... how many of them can be attributed to Destrucula? The answer is protected in blood by the legendary Death Oath of Allegiance.

• • • • •

The whereabouts of Destrucula's headquarters is one of the great mysteries of the 21st century. Some believe he resides mainly in Bora Bora or other lawless regions near Pakistan and Afghanistan. Others say he has to be somewhere in the "wild west" that is the Tortoise Islands, infamously known as the most dangerous country in the world and location of the notorious Catastrophe Island. Still others are convinced that Destrucula lives in North Korea, enjoying the special protection of the regime there. And at what price, no-one knows, and if they do, no-one tells — for to do so would be to sign your own death warrant.
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Whatever the truth is, containing Destrucula and reversing the increasing power he wields over so many aspects of the worlds of crime, finance and government is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today. Yet the Security Council has failed the world with its terminally slow response. Destrucula is the number one security priority facing both highly classified international agencies (like MI6) and independent secret agencies alike (such as the World Stealth Organization) — such is the profound magnitude of the threat.

It is understandable that governments want to hide their helplessness to deal with this severe threat to the people, from the people. Fear and panic would be bad for the economy, social cohesion and political succession. A recent grey paper from the Mental Institute For Strategic Studies states that Destrucula has become so big and so pervasive, so ingrained into the invisible fabric that holds society together, that he is now unstoppable. Hence the widespread denial.

In fact, when you ask a world leader like PM David Cameron or President Karzai about Destrucula, you can be almost certain that they will deny his very existence. It's only through the efforts of certain fearless reporters and investigators from independent organizations like Loungecast that any compelling fragments of this frightening truth have been revealed at all. World governments can deny all they want. But this is a truth that grips your heart like a vice forged from ice.

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Destrucula is waging a relentless war against agencies and institutions of the major democratic nations and power blocs — especially the United States, the European Nations, Britain, India, Japan, Australia and Canada and many more. And the lines of this increasingly blurred underground struggle are increasingly drawing in other significant nations such as China, Russia, the Middle Eastern countries (from Saudi Arabia to Afghanistan to Syria), the Tortoise Islands, Pakistan, North Korea and Somalia. And crime syndicates including the Mafia, Yakuza, Mexican cartels and North African pirates.

Of course, Destrucula's arch-nemesis, the World Stealth Organization (WSO) is becoming involved in an increasingly ferocious and bitter power struggle — an underground war that has become so vast and with momentum so huge that it threatens to break out into the public realm — with potentially catastrophic consequences for public world order. The potential collateral damage of this — the world's largest ever Secret War — is immense, and the finale of this escalation is truly unimaginable.
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The WSO... the ultra secret organization is believed to be playing an increasingly frontline role in the underground war against Destrucula. This battle is believed to be the number one priority of the organization today, though the WSO is also heavily focused on several other strategic fronts in the field.

• • • • •

Complicating the field is the complex interplay of the world's top agencies — the CIA (USA), MI6 (Britain), Defence Signals Directorate (Australia), Ministry of State Security (China), General Directorate of Intelligence (Cuba), DCRI (France), Defence Intelligence Agency (India), Mossad (Israel), Jamahiriya el-Mukhabarat (Libya), State Security Department (North Korea), Inter Services Intelligence (Pakistan), Main Intelligence Directorate (Russia), Tactical Response Directorate (Tortoise Islands) and several others — in a complex labyrinth of espionage and danger — a terrifying game of cat and rat being played for the highest stakes of life and death — spiralling into an unprecedented field of chaos and unpredictable turmoil — creating what is emerging as one of the most ominous threats faced by human civilization in recent years.
helicopter photo
This helicopter photo (taken in the Tortoise Islands) clearly shows Destrucula's distinctive logo markings. Destrucula is becoming increasingly brazen in his open use of significant military assets in various theaters worldwide. While his official assets are not known to have been observed in major security theaters like the USA, Western Europe, China and Russia, some have been sighted in the less secure countries of North Africa, Eastern Europe and Central America.
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